Dear parents, take note. Children who snore are likelier to grow up into obese adults

If your child snores, don’t ignore it. It could lead to some serious health trouble later in life. A team of researchers has shed some light on the vicious cycle of childhood obesity and snoring. Scientists at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) looked at the relationships among maternal snoring, […]

300 school children in Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli fall ill after inhaling toxic gas

A representational image. Nearly 300 students were taken ill in Shamli after inhaling toxic gas emitted by a sugar mill near their school . Photo: Ramesh Pathania/Mint Lucknow: Around 300 students were taken ill on Tuesday after inhaling toxic gas emitted by a sugar mill near their school in Shamli district, […]

Time to Be active: Why children want to begin being concerned approximately Their coronary heart

A healthful lifestyle isn’t always an overnight miracle. it’s far a practice that one desires to undertakewith sincerity and comply with it on a daily basis and through the years. Doing so can assist in avertingsome of illnesses consisting of heart disease, high blood sugar, obesity, high blood pressure and […]

Sedentary life-style terrible for children’ heart

Representational photograph (AP photograph) LONDON: Low tiers of bodily hobby, weaker physical fitness and obesity may lead to arterial stiffness, asign of cardiovascular diseases, even in primary faculty children, says a look at. The findings advocate that a lifestyle intervention in childhood can reduce the risk of cardiovasculardiseases later in […]

How This Mumbai-primarily based NGO Is protective children From intercourse Offenders

in line with authorities figures, fifty three% kids in India are abused and in half the cases, the abusers areknown to the child MUMBAI: intercourse schooling is a near alien idea in India and sex training being imparted to 10 12 months olds – all of the more unparalleled. but […]

Yoga for Children

Mountains tumbling into head stands, suddenly converting into speeding cycles. Bridges collapsing into roaring lions, cocooned caterpillars turning into beautiful butterflies. These amazing pictures are nothing but scenes from any normal household. Watch a child and you will know. The natural postures of a child are yoga asanas. This is […]