Senior citizens, beware: Ageing can delay your perception of falls

Delay in perception of falls is part of getting older which thereby increases the risk of injury or death in seniors, says a recent study. The findings will help shape the development of wearable fall prevention technology and allow clinicians to more accurately identify at-risk individuals. “Falling threatens one’s survival,” […]

State Department Confirms Plan To Ban U.S. Citizens From Visiting North Korea

The U.S. government will ban American citizens from traveling to North Korea, citing safety and security concerns. The State Department confirmed the new restriction on Friday, after Young Pioneer Tours, which organized Otto Warmbier’s fateful visit to North Korea, announced the pending move. Warmbier’s trip to the pariah nation ended […]

Kerala snapshot: citizens marooned in a natural world sanctuary in a terrible summer

Rasaq, who owns a teashop in Rosemala, is the most effective individual there whose properly hasn’t dried up. “In some other week, about 2 hundred families may be with out water, if it doesn’t rain,” stated Rasaq. Rosemala, located within Kulathupuzha panchayat of Kollam district of Kerala, is a sanctuary […]