IIT Researchers Claim Breakthrough in Memory Device Technology

Researchers at IIT Roorkee Tuesday claimed to have made a breakthrough in memory device technology which, they said, usher in a new technological revolution. A team of researchers from the Department of Physics and Centre for Nanotechnology has developed a high-density, energy-efficient and four-logic state memory device named Magnetoelectric Random […]

Judy Chan of Urban Airship: 82 Percent of Millennials More Likely to Use a Loyalty Card on Their Mobile Device

Small Business Trends: Give me a little bit of your personal background. Judy Chan: I am a product manager here at urban airship. So my primary role entrepreneurship is really to talk about mobile wallets. So what I like to tell everyone is you know in many ways I have […]

Indian-starting place Researcher Develops phone-based Eye-tracking device

Aditya Khosla says, their training set includes examples of gaze patterns from 1,500 cell–tool users. the big apple: Researchers led by means of an Indian-foundation scientist have evolved a softwarewhich can turn any smartphone into a watch–tracking device, a discovery that may help in mentalexperiments and marketing studies. further to […]