Facebook’s Aquila Internet-delivery Drone Could Add Billions More Online Customers

Social networking giant Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) last week reported the first successful full-scale test flight of its ambitious Aquila solar-powered high-altitude unmanned aircraft. It’s part of an ambitious goal to bring four billion more  people online — more customers, freelancers and maybe even partners for your business. “After two years […]

UPS Successfully Tests Urgent Commercial Drone Delivery to Remote Locations

Coming shortly after the Federal Aviation Administration introduced its first regulations for commercial drone use, United Parcel Service, Inc., (NYSE:UPS) announced last week it has begun testing an unmanned aerial delivery vehicle built by drone-maker. The drone will be used to make urgent commercial deliveries of packages to remote or […]

world Drone marketplace to near $127 Billion in 2020: p.c

Drones will quickly be boosting crop yields, verifying insurance claims, and assisting in destiny Hollywood blockbusters in a enterprise it truly is because of growth via extra than 6,000 percent through the ceaseof the last decade. the worldwide market for industrial applications of drone technology, presently anticipated atapproximately $2 billion […]