New Sephora Chatbot Aids Customers in Finding the Right Beauty Products

Trying a new lipstick or make up on your face is so yesterday! A new chatbot from Sephora Virtual Artist powered by Modiface will let you see every imaginable color combination without ever touching your face. This type of collaboration for product discovery using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a first […]

Finding Success Empowering Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

“Lifestyle entrepreneurship is a beautiful thing,” declares Clate Mask, the founder and CEO of Infusionsoft. The marketing automation software company he founded and heads up has achieved over 50% sales growth the past 2 years by serving the “lifestyle entrepreneur.” Mask’s remarks were made as Infusionsoft kicks off its annual […]

Facebook Bug Bounty Program Awards Indians the Most for Finding Flaws

HIGHLIGHTS Facebook distributed a total of $611,471 to 149 researchers in H1 2016 Indians received the biggest share of the bounty in the period Facebook received 9,000 security reports in first six months of 2016 Indians remain the biggest beneficiaries in Facebook’s Bug Bounty program, the company’s initiative to allow […]