Mozilla to Drop Support for All NPAPI Plugins in Firefox 52, Except Flash

Starting with March 7, when Mozilla is scheduled to release Firefox 52, all plugins built on the old NPAPI technology will stop working in Firefox, except for Flash, which Mozilla plans to support for a few more versions. NPAPI stands for Netscape Plugins API and is an ancient plugins infrastructure […]

Adobe Announces Flash Vulnerability, Hackers Can Control Your Computer

Adobe recently announced a vulnerability in its Flash Player and has issued a security update to patch up the hole. Media reports warn the vulnerability could allow attackers to remotely seize control of your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. Adobe’s announcement, after the vulnerability was reported by Kaspersky Labs, also […]

SanDisk launches new wi-wiwireless cell flash pressure in India

Flash storage solutions issuer, SanDisk organisation, has accelerated its cell reminiscence garagesolutions suite with the release of SanDisk join wireless Stick, a new wireless mobile flash pressure,within the Indian market. “With increasingly more content being consumed on a couple of hand-held devices, we realised thatthere may be a want to […]