Samsung W2018 Android Flip Phone With Bixby Integration and F/1.5 Camera Lens Launched

HIGHLIGHTS Samsung W2018 is debuting in partnership with China Telecom W2018 features two 4.2-inch AMOLED displays with full-HD resolution The smartphone comes with Bixby integration in Chinese Samsung¬†has announced the W2018 as its new high-end Android flip phone in China. The South Korean company has partnered with China Telecom to […]

have to We flip to a Stone-Age weight reduction to stay match and wholesome?

Amid all the rush to find a balanced weight reduction that can keep one wholesome, save you from earlygrowing older and kiss way of life–prompted illnesses a good-bye, cutting-edge calorie-counters in India have observed a brand new fad: eat the way our ancestors ate.The Paleolithic, caveman or Stone Ageweightloss — […]