Snapchat’s New Feature Snap Map Tells You Where Your Friends Are All The Time

Snapchat has just unveiled a new feature that encourages its users to get together in real-life instead of viewing each other’s experiences through a screen. Called Snap Map, the feature lets any user share their current location, which will then appear on friends’ maps and will update accordingly when users […]

Smriti Irani’s ire is baseless: Bhagat Singh’s friends noticed themselves as ‘innovative terrorists’

On December 23, 1929, a few participants of the Hindustan Republican Socialist navy and affiliationattempted to explode a teach wearing the Viceroy, Lord Irwin, simply outside Delhi. although the trainturned into derailed, Irwin escaped unscathed. but, the action drew the wrath of Mahatma Gandhi who thanked god for saving the […]