Congress Thinks Mark Zuckerberg Didn’t Do Enough to Address Small Businesses During His Testimony

CREDIT: Getty Images Update: This article is updated to include a comment from Facebook.  Mark Zuckerberg spent ample time talking about his startup roots during his testimony before Congress last week, but when it came to addressing the startup community as a whole–and to what extent the Cambridge Analytica scandal involved small businesses–he was tight lipped. Indeed, over […]

Mark Ritson: Only crap marketers mistake stereotypes for segments

Mark Ritson: Only crap marketers mistake stereotypes for segments The ASA’s research into harmful gender stereotypes is spot-on, but why do marketers believe lumping millennials together as one makes any more sense? By Mark Ritson 26 Jul 2017 10:36 am There has always been a very uncomfortable proximity between segments and stereotypes. The […]

Mark Mobius offers thumbs right down to India’s new Mauritius tax treaty

Mark Mobius believes the worst is over for the commodities market, and that they’re set to steadily get overhere. picture: Bloomberg Mumbai: India’s change of the tax treaty with Mauritius is negative for the markets, consistent with Mark Mobius, executive chairman, Templeton emerging Markets institution, Franklin Templeton Investments. In atelephone […]