For Small Business, Security Matters: How To Find A Payment Partner You Can Trust

Small business owners are champions of the DIY spirit, but there’s one area where they have to trust someone else to do the job: payment processing. And of all the responsibilities to entrust to an outside vendor, handling customer payment data is among the most nerve-wracking to outsource. After all, […]

Business Plus Introduces Payment Processing Service – 49 More Tools Coming

Business Plus, a small business management software and hardware technology provider, recently launched a payment processing solution that, it says, gives small businesses a “competitive edge.” The payment service represents the first of more than 50 tools the company plans to launch throughout the remainder of 2016, designed with small […]

Wells Fargo launches three% down payment loan

First-time shoppers and coffee– to moderate–earnings consumers have largely been sidelined by way ofmodern day housing recuperation. The common cry is just too-tight credit. lenders have saved the credit score box restrictive becausethey’re gun-shy from the billions of dollars in buy backs and judicial settlements stemming from the loancrisis that […]