Another Poll Suggests Small Business Owners May Be Losing Faith In Trump

Republican senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski flank Donald Trump at a White House meeting on Obamacare repeal. Both voted against all the repeal measures the Senate debated. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) To be sure, Mark Aseltine was never going to vote for Donald Trump. Aseltine lives in deep-blue […]

98% of Small Businesses Use Wireless, AT&T Poll Says

[Click for large version PDF] Nearly all (98 percent) small businesses use wireless technologies in their operations, a 2013 AT&T small business technology poll says. Details of the poll released recently also reveal how dependent upon wireless technology most small businesses have become. For example, the survey shows two-thirds (about […]

[POLL] Who’s the Best Presidential Candidate for Small Business?

You’ve heard their stance on the issues for months now — probably too much already. And there are still another two months or so until the General Election. So, here’s a loaded question: Who’s getting your vote? Assuming you’re voting the way of the average small business owner — not saying you’re average, per […]