Common Sense Lifestyle Eating Plan: Why Lifestyle Coach Luke Coutinho Feels That It Will Replace All Fad Diets

The common sense lifestyle eating plan is nothing but intermittent fasting, something which people have been unknowingly following for many years. Read here to know how intermittent fasting can replace all fad diets. Intermittent fasting can make you feel healthier and ultimately lead to weight loss The common sense and […]

Replace gujia with wantons: Make Fried Sweet Cheese and Almond Dumplings this festive season

Many of the signature dishes of Hanukkah involve either cheese or frying in oil — or both! Since I like to have it all, I created these fried sweet cheese and almond dumplings featuring both ingredients. Happily, they are easy to make and require no special equipment other than a […]

Replace English with Hindi as medium of instruction in education: SSUN

According to SSUN’s list of suggestions, English not should be mandatory as a medium of communication or teaching. Photo: Mint New Delhi: An RSS-affiliated body on Friday suggested the HRD ministry to replace English with Hindi as medium of instruction from elementary to higher levels in schools and foreign languages […]

Acer Liquid Jade Primo Demonstrates Trend of Business Phones to Replace your PC

As phablets look to replace PCs altogether, cost is becoming a barrier for small businesses with limited budgets. The Acer Liquid Jade Primo is a more affordable option than the HP Elite x3, which has powerful features but comes in at $800. However, the Jade Primo doesn’t sacrifice on the […]

Can examination guidance Apps replace education lessons in India?

HIGHLIGHTS examination preparation apps are competing with coaching lessons. For some college students, gaining knowledge of on-line is extra effective. Low direction finishing touch rate is the biggest project. coaching lessons nonetheless preserve an iron grip on exam preparations, but this is any otherenterprise that might soon get ‘disrupted’. traditionally, […]