NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to Hunt for Signs of Alien Life

Finding signs of life on the earth-sized planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system and on Saturn’s moon Enceladus are among the science targets that NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has following its launch and commissioning, mission officials have announced. These specific observations are part of a programme of Guaranteed Time Observations […]

Facebook Signs EU’s Privacy Shield Treaty; May Spark Privacy Row

Social networking giant Facebook has agreed to adopt a new European Union (EU) data accord that allows personal information to be transferred to the US, potentially sparking yet another privacy row, the media reported. Facebook has quietly signed the Privacy Shield – a controversial treaty that allows US technology companies to […]

eleven signs and symptoms You might be Allergic in your condominium & What To Do about It’

private home ought to be your sanctuary, so it’s manifestly not superb when your condo gives youallergies, makes you unwell, or places you at risk for fitness troubles. i’m talking about puffy eyes,steady sneezing, or even troubles with mold. (Yikes.) but do not worry — there are signs and symptomsto […]

5 Indigestion signs You need to Get checked out immediately

nobody likes to cope with indigestion. it’s painful, inconvenient, and on occasion even embarrassing (even though good day, society, if we could get to an area in which we do not recollect our ordinarybodily features “embarrassing,” that would be exceptional). however, it’s important to recognize the indigestion signs you should […]