‘Saffronising Of education’ Will manifest If true: Smriti Irani’s Deputy

some thing is right for the country will without a doubt appear, whether or not it is bhagwakaran (saffronisation) or sanghwad LUCKNOW: HIGHLIGHTS Ram Shankar Katheria stirs row with ‘saffronisation of training‘ commentary he is the junior minister in Smriti Irani’s education ministry Congress: PM ought to forestall ministers from […]

Smriti Irani’s ire is baseless: Bhagat Singh’s friends noticed themselves as ‘innovative terrorists’

On December 23, 1929, a few participants of the Hindustan Republican Socialist navy and affiliationattempted to explode a teach wearing the Viceroy, Lord Irwin, simply outside Delhi. although the trainturned into derailed, Irwin escaped unscathed. but, the action drew the wrath of Mahatma Gandhi who thanked god for saving the […]