Beverage scene in India is still in infancy: Wine expert Daniel Beedle

Indians have embraced whiskey, rum and brewpubs, but the alcoholic beverages scene in the country is still in its infancy, says wine expert Daniel Beedle. “The selection is rather limited. Some of the big players are available, but the price is pretty steep compared to what you see in other countries. Most of […]

20 Things Your Business Still Doesn’t Get About Hyperlocal Marketing

Surefire Social is rebranding and becoming Surefire Local, a marketing technology platform with a strong focus on hyperlocal marketing. In addition, the company has acquired Atlanta-based Promio to strengthen its offering. The company isn’t totally changing its direction though. Surefire Social already provided a number of different marketing services that […]

U.S. Internet Connection Speeds Triple but Still Lag Behind, FCC Says

Time and again, American enterprises have blamed slow Internet speeds for hurting their business. Luckily, the situation seems to be improving now — even though the United States has a lot of catching up to do. According to the FCC’s 2015 Measuring Fixed Broadband America report, Internet speeds have tripled between […]

Does Your Small Business Still Rely on Checks? You’re Not Alone

Skeptical or slow to adapt, small businesses across the U.S. are still clinging to an old-school means of exchanging money … checks. Nearly all small businesses — an astounding 97 percent — still rely on paper checks for handling business-to-business transactions. That’s according to’s SMB Technology Adoption Index survey. […]