Four Creative Marketing Ideas For Small Business Success

Every small business owner knows the need for actionable marketing. The good news is, there are a number of creative marketing ideas you can employ today. Why is marketing important? Well, 50% of small businesses fail within five years. This is nail-bitingly stressful, but with the following marketing ideas, you can keep […]

Wilmington’s Small Business Success Series returns in March

At about $9.37 per class, Wilmington’s Small Business Success Series is a bargain. The eight-week course helps aspiring entrepreneurs develop and write a killer business plan, complete with networking and one-on-one business plan counseling. Beginning on March 19, selected entrepreneurs will have classes every Tuesday at Hercules Plaza at 1313 N. Market St. from 6 […]

Logitech Finds Success by Moving Beyond PC Legacy

Logitech Finds Success by Moving Beyond PC Legacy Pioneering computer mouse maker Logitech isn’t ready to walk away from the personal computer business just yet, even though its chief executive spends all his time these days thinking how to expand into faster-growing accessory markets. Bracken Darrell, the company’s design-minded president […]

Finding Success Empowering Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

“Lifestyle entrepreneurship is a beautiful thing,” declares Clate Mask, the founder and CEO of Infusionsoft. The marketing automation software company he founded and heads up has achieved over 50% sales growth the past 2 years by serving the “lifestyle entrepreneur.” Mask’s remarks were made as Infusionsoft kicks off its annual […]

The Mindset of a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, 12 Startup Success Secrets

Content Freshness Usefulness Summary The book 12 Startup Success Secrets is a masterclass in the strategies and mindset needed to overcome the challenges of creating and running a successful online Internet business. Before he realized that what he actually wanted out of life was financial freedom and the perfect lifestyle, […]