8 Common Characteristics of Successful Business Owners

Over the past 15 years I’ve started several companies and helped thousands of others. In doing so, I’ve seen tremendous successes. I’ve also witnessed tremendous failures. In assessing what I’ve seen, I’ve identified the following 8 common characteristics of those entrepreneurs and business owners who have enjoyed the most success. […]

Counterpoint: Modi’s foreign policy has been exceptionally successful

Girish Shahane’s argument that the prime minister has built upon predecessors’ successes is blinkered. Image credit: AFP I thank Girish Shahane for the competent critique of my article on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Foreign Policy in 2015. Although he makes several useful points, a deeper examination would reveal that barring Pakistan […]

10 Essential Building Blocks for Successful Businesses

There are so many things that go into building a successful business. Each business can arrange those building blocks differently. But there are some essential elements that should go into every business plan. Here, members of the small business community share some essential building blocks for successful businesses. Understand the […]