Almost half of all small businesses lack a website: CNBC/SurveyMonkey survey

Many small-business owners do things the old-school way when it comes to gaining customers: They rely on word of mouth. It’s still the No. 1 marketing source of growth, according to the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey. But a surprising number of entrepreneurs don’t back that up by also digitally getting […]

HappyFox Introduces Help Desk and Chat Software for Your Business Website

Digital technology has changed the way customer service is being delivered. Customers have access to your website 24/7 and often expect your customer service respond on that same timetable. HappyFox help desk software  works to make this possible with what the company says are affordable solutions. They are designed to make […]

Best Places to Turn Your Website Into an App for Android and iPhone

If you’re wondering how to turn your website into an app for Android and iPhone devices, you’re not alone. Yes, customers have gone mobile and any small business without an on-the-go presence is missing out on business opportunities. Not convinced? Here’s some food for thought: back in the mid-1990s, many […]

The Dos and Don’ts for an Aesthetically Pleasing Website

Small business owners know that content is vital for increasing reader engagement, encouraging customers, and pushing people through the sales funnel. That being said, even the most interesting information in the world won’t do well if it’s on a poorly designed website. There are specific design choices (like white text […]

Don’t Have a Website? Your Competitors Soon Will

A majority of small businesses don’t have a website, according to a recent survey. Specifically, 55 percent of U.S.-based small businesses (59 percent, including all the various countries that participated in the research) don’t have a website, according to a GoDaddy-commissioned global survey. That percentage stands to shrink, however, as 55 […]