Active social life, sleep well: Here are 8 things you can do to keep dementia away

To prevent the risk of dementia in old age, here are eight lifestyle changing tips that can help in the long run. Although, research has not yet discovered a cure for dementia, changes in diet, exercise and daily routine can reduce the risk factors, reports Here’s a step by […]

Small business hiring actually held up pretty well considering the devastating hurricanes

Small business hiring fell slightly in October in the wake of devastating Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, human resources firm Paychex said Tuesday. Paychex also said national hourly earnings for the month were an average $26.07, a gain of 2.91 percent, or 74 cents, year over year. “We’re seeing wage increases […]

Living well in Braidwood

Many of the residents at Braidwood MPS are keen gardeners and have not had the opportunity to excercise their green thumbs for a long time until now. Braidwood MPS along with 24 other MPS across the state of NSW, have been participating in a yearlong collaborative facilitated by the ACI […]

nine Etiquette rules You did not realize Are well worth Following, in line with Reddit

when it comes to manners, we all recognise the fundamentals: Say “please,” thank human beings whensuitable, and deal with others the way you need to be dealt with. however what are the etiquette rulesyou did not recognize approximately? , the social guidelines and parameters that are well worthfollowing, however which […]