Impact of Wireless Technology in the Workplace

Business processes have changed dramatically over the years. Owing to the evolution of technology and changing customer expectations, businesses have devised and revised strategies to meet the requirements. Nowadays, businesses are equipped with the best technologies to make the processes smoother and easier. Emerging technologies are substantially altering the business […]

Workplace by Facebook Launched, Takes on Slack for Intra-Office Communication

HIGHLIGHTS Workplace is a subscription product by Facebook It will charge businesses $1 to $3 per user It’s set to compete with Slack Facebook Inc launched a workplace version of its mobile app and website on Monday, marking the social networking company’s first foray into the hotly competitive and crowded […]

while The District Collector’s workplace In Kozhikode become A school

In Kozhikode, a government-aided college become close down because it turned into economically no longer sustainable, however the district collector requested his workforce to vacate a corridor and set-up “The Collectorate school“. KOZHIKODE: HIGHLIGHTS school changed into close down because it turned into no longer economically sustainable Kozhikode district collector […]