UPS Worldwide Express Can Now Rush Deliver Your Package to More Places Than Ever -- 177 Countries to be Exact

UPS (NYSE:UPS) has announced a major expansion of its UPS Worldwide Express that will see the world’s largest package delivery company provide customers with next day shipping to 117 countries across the globe.

Over 50 countries and territories have been added to the UPS Worldwide Express service, which guarantees delivery on the next business day by 10:30 a.m., noon or 2 p.m. depending upon destination.

According to UPS, the service expansion will be particularly crucial for companies that operate in retail, industrial manufacturing and businesses that offer products with a short shelf life. Smaller companies that ship products for special occasions  are also expected to benefit from the service’s speed and reliability.

“UPS invests in capabilities to expand our connections to global markets to help our customers. This service offers superior global reach for the most urgent shipments,” UPS International President Jim Barber said in a statement. “With this latest expansion, the coverage area totals 117 countries, which comprise nearly 95 percent of the global gross domestic product, and 96 percent of real imports.”

The UPS Worldwide Express is available in three tiers. UPS Express Plus offers early-morning delivery in 27 countries. UPS Express provides midday delivery to 117 countries and territories. Meanwhile UPS Express Saver carries out end-of-day delivery to 220 countries and territories.

Some of the key 2016 additions to UPS Worldwide Express include the Dominican Republic, which is currently part of a wider free trade agreement the United States maintains with five other Central American nations. Last year, the deal generated $53 billion worth of total trade. The U.S. goods surplus for the agreement came in at $5 billion.

Key Asian additions to the UPS service include Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. With its unique geographical position and ever-liberalising economy, Myanmar is poised to become one of the region’s key players in terms of non-agricultural economic activity. Last year, an influx of new trading opportunities and foreign direct investment generated a seven percent rise in economic growth.

In Europe, seven more countries including Cyprus, Georgia and Albania have been added to UPS Worldwide Express service. African and Middle Eastern additions include Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tunisia.

This impending expansion is a part of a wider corporate investment to improve UPS operations in Europe. By 2019, the company expects to spend around $2 billion expanding service destinations, working to cut down transit times and increasing overall capacity.

For reference, here is a full list of the 117 countries and territories you can now ship to using the UPS Worldwide Express service: