Hormones are biochemical messengers which form the signalling system in our body. Hormones control your sex drive, metabolism, sleep, fertility, and mood. They are also responsible for the growth and development of your body’s muscles. They affect the way you feel and function and that is why it’s important to keep them balanced.

An easy and natural way to keep your hormones in balance is by exercising regularly. Here are five hormones that are affected by your fitness routine and how you can keep them in check:


Its function is to protect the brain cells from ageing and injury. Irisin is called the exercise hormone which makes it our biological workout buddy. Exercising affects this hormone by stimulating its production due to sweating. This hormone battles with our fat in two ways; one, by activating the genes which converts bad white fat into good brown fat and second by regulating similar stem cells to become bone building cells instead of storing fat.


The term estrogen refers to a group of three chemicals – estrone, estradiol and estriol. These are responsible for the development of female sexual (uterus and breasts) body parts and reproductive function. It also affects the growth and function of bones, liver, brain, heart and other tissues and helps in maintaining strong bones.

In most women, levels of estrogen start declining at the age of 30 and after menopause the production gets even lower.

Women need estrogen but excess of it becomes a risk for breast cancer. Exercise helps to reverse this process as it lowers the production of estrogen. Exercising also reduces mortality after diagnosis and among survivors.

Reason for excess estrogen production can be anything from pills to pesticides.